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  • The most honorable and prestigious global sports event, Olympics! The IEVE is the world’s first exclusive electric vehicle expo, and pursues the largest global Olympic festival exclusively for electric vehicles not only in the hosting location of Jeju Island, but also across Asia and the world.
    In the IEVE, there will be participation not only from domestic & foreign electric vehicles, but also exhibition of agricultural electric vehicles, electric bus and E-MOBILITY, etc., electricity & energy parts infrastructure industry exhibition of batteries, charger and electronic units, etc. and also exhibitions by related associations, research institutes, universities and local governments that lead the future of the EV industry.
    Also, the EV preview, EV PR show, EV test drive, B2B conference and various additional events will be operated.

  • Exhibition Location

    JejuJungmunResort (Main event hall: Yeomiji Botanical Garden)

  • Exhibition Scale

    • 200 domestic and foreign companies, local governments and relevant organizations exhibit 400 booths in total.
  • Exhibition Areas

    E-Mobility Whole e-mobility products (electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric bikes etc.)
    Charging infrastructure ESS, UPS, BMS, fast chargers, wireless chargers, mobile chargers, batteries etc.
    Electrical Equipment Electric motors, inverters etc.
    Project Related projects from academia & research institutes