About the 8th IEVE

Business cannot stop despite any economic and social changes.

International Exhibition and Conferences will be held at Virtual Space and On-site, Buyers and Sellers will meet in a Virtual space. There will be more than 1 million persons from 50 countries attending B2B meetings and International Exhibition. And we will suggest the future of e-mobility through 40 sessions of conferences.


  • On-site Exhibition
    • Around 300 booths with a total of 150 companies and Organizations.
    • 200 1:1 business meetings with companies and institutions related to EV industries.
    • Professional drone filming and customized film making for participating companies.
  • Virtual Exhibition
    • Provide opportunities to sell EV related parts and materials.
    • Maximize the effect of exhibition without limitation of time and space.
  • B2B Business Meeting
    • Real time on-line business meeting linked to Virtual Exhibition.
    • 1:1 Professional business meeting and on-site business lounge.
    • Operating on&off-line B2B business meeting system.
  • Conference
    • Global conference with 40 on&off-line sessions(real time) with EV opinion leaders from over 50 countries.
      • On-line Conference
      • On-site Conference

Registration for Visitor Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition : Pre-registration by 6th September

Virtual Exhibition will be open on IEVE homepage for 3 months commencing from 7th September, 2021.
Save your spot for 2021 IEVE Virtual Island now!

Registration for Visitor On-site Exhibition/Conference

On-site Exhibition : Pre-registration by 6th September

Save your spot with 50% discount price for the on-site exhibition of the 8th IEVE (7th ~ 10th of September, 2021 at ICC Jeju)

EV Magazine


EV Magazine is published monthly to diagnose EV∙Hydrogen Vehicle industry. Magazine team will be a leading media shedding a light of the global energy transition.

5,000 copies of EV Magazine which has been published since July, 2020, is distributed to executives of EV related companies, related domestic organization and local governments monthly.

Subscription Inquiry

  • TEL:064 - 702 - 1580
  • E-MAIL:ieve@ievexpo.org