International Electric Vehicle Expo



Privacy Policy [Privacy Act] explains the way of treatment of the information which provided or collected in the International EV Expo Corp., as IEVE, on which this policy is posted, in addition, this document obtain consent from the users, if IEVE desires to use the information other than those expressly stated in this policy.

  • Name, gender, age, national information, address list, email, telephone number information will not be use them, except the process of pay-visit system.
  • You may refuse to consent to the collection, use and provision of the above personal information.
  • However, if you do not agree to the collection, use and provision of the above personal information. The organizing Committee will not be able to perform its duties, you may not receive the prize draw and result notice.
1. Purpose of Collection and Use

September 7th ~ September 10th 2021 (4 days), the 8th International Electric Vehicle Expo; for Committee work process include; the prize draw and result notice

2. Sharing collected information
  • Recipient of (user) your information : Association of Korea Exhibition Industry (AKEI)
  • Purpose of the information usage : For the 8th International EV Expo's evaluation & certification process.
3. Items of personal information requirement

Name, gender, age, national information and address, affiliation & position, Telephone number, email

4. Retention and Use Period of Personal information

At the end of 8th IEVE process include ; ‘1’, ‘2’

Registrant Information * Required items

  • Up to five people including myself
Name *
Affiliation *
Mobile phones *
E-mail *
Participation classification * Gender *
Desired Conference
(Duoble Check)
Sep 7th(Tue),
Sep 8th(Wed),
Sep 9th(Thu),
Sep 10th(Fri),
Age *
Nationality * Occupation *
Position * Division *

Conference Admission Fee

Online You can see the all the sessions with 1 permission. KRW 100,000
Total conference payment KRW 0
  • You can see the all the session with 1 permission of online conference.
  • Please don't forget your Name/Mobile Phone Number/E-mail Address that you entered to register.
    It will be used as your ID and Password to log in to online conference.
  • Onsite conference fee is 300,000 KRW per a day.
  • Please click the 'Event Schedule' or 'Conference Introduction' for further information.